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Bed Bugs

The bed bug is becoming an increasing pest within our homes. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood and adult bed bugs can grow up to 4-5mm long. Most species feed on humans only when other prey is not available.

Bed bugs cannot fly, so their movements are limited to crawling or being passively transported by clothing, luggage, books, furniture or other objects used as harbourages, Their ability to withstand many months without feeding increases their chances of surviving such transportation.

Any household can be invaded by bed bugs and most infestations are usually found in bedrooms, within homes, hotels and bed & breakfast establishments.

High standards of hygiene and house-keeping are unlikely to provide adequate methods of control, if you suspect you may have bed bugs then a close inspection of the bed, the mattress around the seams and the back of the headboard should reveal their presence.

It is important to call ATB Pest Control as soon as you discover any infestation, as 'time is of the essence', our expert Pest Controllers will quickly provide a thorough inspection and then we will recommend the best course of treatment for you.

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